I need Urgent Care!

Same Day Appointments

This is when you should go to the Emergency Room. 

We offer same day appointments for issues needing urgent care. 

Those issues range from Upper Respiratory Infections and Gastroenteritis, difficult to control Blood Pressure and Joint Pains, to everything in between. 

Acute Illness Policies

Medications (when/if needed) will be called in as needed during your urgent care visit. Please ensure we have the correct pharmacy on file to make this transition smooth.

Examples of Urgent Issues

It is sometimes difficult to assess if one needs to go to the Emergency Room, go to the Urgent Care Clinic or wait a few days. 

Luckily, we are here to answer and guide you when needed when you need "care now". 

For example, blood pressure that has been a little higher than usual (without any other symptoms) can be managed in the office as an urgent same day appointment. 

If chest pain was present with that uncontrolled blood pressure, then, the Emergency Room is the place to go. 

Similar reasoning can be used for Sinus Infection cases. 

Upper Respiratory Infections/Sinus Infections

Typically, URI are viral and take a few days to resolve with supportive treatment and hydration. They may progress to full blown bacterial sinus infections needing antibiotics therapy. Make sure you get checked out to tell those apart and receive the urgent care needed. 

Arthritis Flare Ups

Have you taken an extra walk or stood up for longer than expected? Sometimes, this may cause joint pain to flare up and you would need care now. 

Call our office in Troy and schedule your appointment soon. 

It's after hours!

Sometimes, urgent care is needed, and can not wait until regular business hours . If you are in the Troy area, we are here to guide on what is needed. Whether it's a sinus infection or some other condition that needed "care now", we can help.


Integritas Wellness Institute Website does not constitute as medical advice or care. 

Make sure to seek appropriate personalized medical care with a licensed medical professional.