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Complete Physical Exams

Once a year, a Complete Physical exam is recommended as a Preventative Service. 

It helps detect problems before they occur as well as addressing issues already present. 

Most insurance companies cover one physical a year. 

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What to expect during a complete physical exam. 

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Blood Pressure Check
Wellness Exam
Preventative Physical

Preparing for the Complete Physical

We recommend patients to be fasting (12 hours fasting: Water, Black Coffee, Sugarless Tea are usually ok). 

- Bring ALL medications and supplements. 

- Be prepared with your questions. 

- Allow at least 45 minutes for this appointment.  

Medical History
Preventative Exam
Wellness Exam

After the Physical

Typically, you would hear back from us about your test results within 7-10 days of your appointment (Sometimes sooner). 

Recommendations for further testing/treatment maybe provided as well as follow up appointments.

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