How "WE" practice at Integritas


We use the least amount of medications when possible. 

Medications are only used when necessary (as adjuncts, when additional therapy is needed to non-medicinal approaches). 

Some medications may carry side effects. Dr. Rifai is mindful of medications side effects. She weighs the risks and benefits of each medication, supplement, lifestyle modification or approach to therapies.

With that being said, in many cases, medications are necessary as healthy results may only be achieved with their use.  


We provide "Personalized Care"

We start by gaining a clear understanding of where you are with your health right now. Care is specifically tailored to each patient. 

A well thought out plan will be developed to help you feel better than you have in many years. 

We also keep in touch with our patients through Integritas regular monthly blog. Make sure to subscribe.


It's a Team Effort!

Dr. Rifai teams up with each one of her patients. They would work together.  


We formulate a personalized plan with each of our patients. We ensure that those plans would be of great benefit to patients & those plans are adjusted as needed. 

Patients are an essential part of the team.

It is recommended that patients communicate with Dr. Rifai any thoughts or requests they may have in order for care to be optimized.