We will provide our usual high-quality care via Telemedicine over the next few weeks as advised by our Government & National Health Officials, in order to protect You, Your Family & Community at Large. 

This is due to the Coronavirus Pandemic & the National State of Emergency.

Coronavirus Pandemic has rocked the whole planet.

Your Health is always our “top priority" even in times of uncertainties. 

We have TWO options for you to meet with Dr. Rifai, MyChart OR Doxy.



1- SIGN UP FOR MyChart 

Your appointment with Dr. Rifai  will be through this platform. 

Link is here

Complete Detailed Instructions are below


2- can go through This Link for another option.


2-For an appointment: 

- During business hours, please call 

Office Number 248-740-8000 

 - After Business Hours, please call


- You may also request an appointment through MyChart.


More Details


- General Instructions: Please weigh yourself and take your Blood Pressure if you have a blood pressure machine prior to your appointment. We will review those. 

- Routine Scheduled Appointment: such as follow up on Chronic Medical Problems or Annual Wellness Exam, care will continue. 

- Weight Management/Loss: we will continue to provide Weight Management, Counseling and Medication Management as previous. Please complete & upload your forms and email to Dr. Rifai through MyChart prior to your appointment (when possible).

Weight Loss Follow Up & Yesterday Food Diary 

Forms can be found on here.

- Acute Care Appointments: Upper Respiratory Infection, Urinary Tract Infections, Gout, Joint Problems etc, we will provide care for those conditions.