Things to know about Medicare Wellness Exam


Welcome To Medicare!


You now qualify to be on Medicare. 

Hopefully, in most cases, this also means that you are enjoying retirement that is well earned. 

We do take care of Medicare patients.

Please complete Medicare Questionnaire (2 pages) prior to your Wellness Exam if possible.


What to expect

"Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit" should occur during the first 12 months as a Medicare beneficiary in order to be covered. 

Things we evaluate:

- Complete history, current health conditions & prescriptions.

- Baseline vitals check.

- Depression risks and safety levels. 

- Screen for certain medical problems.

- Vaccines updates. 

- Advance Directives Updates. 


Medicare Wellness Exam - More

Must occur at least 12 months after becoming a Medicare patient, or 12 months after the previous Annual Wellness Visit to be a covered service by Medicare. 

It is overall similar to the "Welcome to Medicare Exam". 

A separate appointment for lab work, medication management, or any other services might be needed. 

Complete details of Medicare Recommendations.