Welcome to The Integritas Wellness Institute

"Integritas" is Latin for Integrity


Internal Medicine

Obesity Medicine

Our Aim

 "Whole Body Wellness"

Our Goal

"Happy Healthy Longevity"

We practice

Real Prevention 

As well as Early Detection


“To Cure Sometimes, To Help Often, To Comfort Always” 


Care is provided to Adult Patients ages 18 and above (both men and women

Our caring staff & compassionate physician Dr. Aya Rifai ensure that patients get the excellent care they deserve.

We practice Evidence Based Medicine of the 21st Century.

Care is of High Quality & will exceed satisfaction.

Many look for a caring Primary Care Physician (PCP) with whom they want a long term relationship.

Dr. Rifai is available to provide Excellent Care & is accepting new patients.

Special interest: Preventative Health. 

Internal Medicine and Obesity (weight loss) are Dr. Rifai' specialties.

So, search no more & thank you for considering Integritas for your Medical Wellness.

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