Healthy Weight Care

What is Obesity?

What is Obesity?

What is Obesity?

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Obesity has been defined by the American Medical Association as "Chronic Disease" requiring treatment

Get your 3-Days Food Diary completed and bring it to your appointment at Dr. Rifai's office in Troy. 

Weight Loss

What is Obesity?

What is Obesity?

We suffer while looking for ways on how to lose weight.

Consult with Dr. Rifai and you can get a detailed plan of care of what needs to be done. 

Treatment of Obesity is not simple (as you may already know). 

It involves multiple treatment modalities, ranging from dietary changes and some major lifestyle recommendations, to some weight loss medications & in some cases surgery may be an option. We are located in Troy and serve areas such as Rochester Hills and Bloomfield Hills. 

Types of obesity

What is Obesity?

How can I get help?

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There are different types of Obesity. Those are defined by certain bodily, lab tests and other criteria. 

Get yourself evaluated and find out how to lose weight. Sometimes, we may need to use weight loss pills. 

Not all "Obesity" is created equal. 

Only a trained professional can tell them apart. 

How can I get help?

I need to lose SO MUCH!

How can I get help?

Dr. Rifai is specialized in Obesity management and has counseled many of her patients in Troy and surrounding areas on how to lose weight to reach healthier weights and maintain the weight loss.  

We evaluate our patients bodily figure extensively in details and we assess the areas that need focus (yes, medically). 

We formulate a "Long Term" plan that can be used anywhere and anytime. 

I need to lose SO MUCH!

I need to lose SO MUCH!

I need to lose SO MUCH!

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Whatever the amount of weight you are trying to lose, we can help you with that. 

Just remember, weight loss will take time! 

Obesity did not show up over night. We may prescribe weight loss pills in certain situations, 

We understand the struggles and frustration you maybe having. 

Why are we different?

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"No Judgement Zone"


We start with this! 

Have you been judged by doctors due to your weight? 

Have you been blamed? 

Have you been shamed? 

Do you keep wondering how to lose weight? 

Have you considered weight loss pills?

We know VERY WELL the science of Obesity Care and weight management. We know the causes and the consequences of Obesity. 

We are very familiar with the available solutions. We are here to help YOU feel better overall and help you decrease some of the medications you may be on. 

Come to our Troy office and we can help.

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How can I get started?

Please complete our 3 days food diary prior to the appointment to help us help you. 

We understand this maybe difficult at times. Please complete that form to the best of your abilities with as many details as possible. Note any special occasions (Birthday parties, graduations, etc..) on the log when possible. 

Give yourself 30 extra minutes prior to the appointment. There are some additional extensive forms that need to be filled when in the office. Those are needed prior to the appointment for us to gain a better understating of your overall healthy weight struggles and ultimate goals. 

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Complications of Obesity

Obesity/Overweight and Extra Body Fat are the core reasons for many serious medical problems that include and not limited to: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Heartburn and many other problems.

Here is what the Center for Disease Control says about Obesity and its complications